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Welcome to One of a Kind Designs!

by Michelle Davidson

Where Sustainability meets Style

Bringing my passion for transforming unloved vintage furniture into unique statement pieces
direct to your home.

Flamingo Dressing Table.jpg

Why One of a Kind Designs?

To me, upcycling vintage furniture means conserving quality-made pieces.  Pieces that were once treasured, passed down through generations complete with the marks of history, and yet with the potential to be beautiful and loved again.

To my clients, it means being able to source from an eclectic range of sustainable, stylish and unique pieces which have been professionally and lovingly restyled as one-off statement pieces for the modern home.

My ethos centres around transforming dated yet robust furniture.  I design bespoke restyled furniture, which not only celebrates it's character and history, but brings it up to date with a creative modern twist.