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New Product Launch!

Have you seen the new Spring 2022 Decoupage Papers from Posh Chalk and House of Mendes?

Introducing a new collection of unique designs, classical baroque, ethereal, and contemporary art to adorn your furniture painting projects crafts and mixed media art.

Curated into a deluxe high quality rice paper which are extremely durable yet extremely flexible. A selection of 18 new designs, curated by Posh Chalk founder, Solly Jo. Some of which are Solly's original art! That sit side by side our wonderful collection of 13 papers designed by Jonathon Marc Mendes - The Home Of Mendes.

What makes these Decoupage Papers extra special

Made from high-quality rice paper, Posh Chalk Deluxe Decoupage, are extremely durable! Created with special fibres, making them more pliable, stretchable and exceptionally easy to use.

All the designs are limited edition, ensuring a sense of exclusivity in this high quality and on-trend papers.

Posh Chalk

There are 18 new designs curated by Posh Chalk founder, Solly Jo. Some of which are Solly's original art!

House of Mendes

The 'House of Mendes' collection has been produced in association with Jonathon Marc Mendes ('Painted Love') and combines a curated selection of stunning fine artworks in conjunction with Jonathon’s own beautiful artwork and photography.

Applying the Decoupage Papers

Applying the Decoupage Papers could not be easier.

They can be placed on almost any surface including furniture and craft projects, walls, glass and plastic. Perfect for crafters and furniture upcyclers.

Use with any adhesive medium such as decoupage glue but, we recommend our Posh Chalk Infusor and the super soft blending brushes to brush out any wrinkles.

Where to buy them

To see the full range of the new Spring 2022 Decoupage Papers, click here.

Designs are available in A3 and A1 sizes. Prices start from £8.95.

Remember to post your finished projects on the One of a Kind-Creatively Bespoke Furniture, Courses, Workshops & Mentoring Facebook Group.


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